Sunday, April 5, 2009

Giving Up Control of Your Icelandic Horse

Does Your Horse Need to be Micro-Managed?

Some riders ride with constant contact on the horse's mouth, and heavy contact on the reins. What does this say about the rider? and about the horse?

If a horse *needs* constant and / or heavy contact, perhaps he's not very bright? perhaps he needs to be micro-managed? Or is it simply a matter of not being allowed to use his brain.

My horse rides on a loose rein, bitless, no noseband. She is VERY smart! She does not need to be micro-managed.

Sometimes the horse has to be "allowed" to be smart; the rider needs to give up the bit, noseband, and constant / heavy contact on the reins.

Does giving up the bit, noseband, and constant contact make the rider nervous? does it feel like the rider is giving up control?

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